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DRBC Legal Notes: Rules of the Path

By Ross Seymour Wisconsin has a short statute on how people are to use bike/ped paths.  Those rules are found at Sec.  of the Wisconsin statutes.  The rules apply to “Bicycle Ways.”  Bicycle ways are defined as any path or sidewalk designated for the use of bicycles by the relevant governmental body.  (Sec. (5s))  Bicycle ways are distinguished from bicycle…
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Complete Streets Campaign

Communities around the country are beginning the realized that our streets are not just pipelines for the automobile, totally separated from our communities and the people who live in them. The idea of complete streets works to integrate our streets into the fabric of our communities by making them accessible and safe for all users. In 2009 the state of…
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The Driftless Region Bicycle Coalition is a member based advocacy organization. Advocacy is in our blood and in our mission. Many events and activities that DRBC puts on are part of our on going effort to educate the public and our community leaders about the benefits of bicycling. Here you will find information and briefs on current issues that DRBC…
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