Hauling Couch

I took the challenge of moving a couch by bicycle. It started with my wife’s desire for a new couch, ours was getting pretty, well, not pretty. It was about 10 years old and it was time. She picked one out this winter and we ended up making room in a corner to store the old one. My friend was…
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DRBC February 2017 Meeting Minutes

DRBC February 2017 Meeting minutes – Feb 1, 2017 at Fat Sam’s Board members present: Brian, Dan, Andy, Kris, Mike Others present: Matthew Christen Called to order at 6:15 PM Secretary’s report: No January meeting. December minutes approved Treasurer’s report: We closed the Associated Bank Accounts and have everything at Altra. Currently we have $5, not including segregated funds. Zagster:…
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Can You Suggest a Bike Shop?

I was helping register bikes1 and a kind citizen asked me the $64 “I'm looking for a new bike. Where should I go?” I've researched this question for decades and I'm ready to answer: “Your local bike shop.” The follow-up question was inevitably asked: “Which one?” My years in La Crosse have helped me know, with certainty, the answer: “All…
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Bicycles Are Traffic – Please Treat Them Like It

While plenty of articles can and will be written about drivers ignoring people on bicycles -- please give them 3 feet when passing -- I am going to point out another issue: drivers being too nice. Situation 1: I am on Oak Street heading north turning left (east) onto Third Street (the intersection near the south Kwik Trip in La…
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