Recently, in one of the Facebook forums where I participate, someone made a request:

“Are there ways we can help send stolen bike notices to make sure everyone can see them?”

Why, yes!!

Start by posting it on your own Facebook timeline. Get the word out right away. Then start sharing. Share like mad. It is so incredibly simple.

Share as a visitor post to Daniel Christen’s Stolen Bikes La Crosse County and he’ll see it and then link your bike notice there.

Share it to the DRBC Facebook page. One of the admins will see it and push out the word.

Send it as a message to one of the community’s other bike resources. Beer by Bike Brigade is a well-known hub for stolen bike reports. Everyone knows Mario and he’s often the first person they turn to.

Alert your neighbors by sharing to your neighborhood association page. (WHNA, PPHN, or GENA for example.)

When you post about a stolen bike, it gets attention. Some of us scan Facebook looking for stolen bike reports. Just so we can share them. You can join that well-meaning crowd.

You might ask: why share instead of posting separately at each forum? Because if we all link to the original post, it’s easier to see when the bike has been found. The owner has only once place where she has to comment “THANKS!” and the word will spread. And when you do share, don’t delete the link back to the original post. That’s simply not cool.

It isn’t just about Facebook though. Dan also scans Craigslist looking for stolen bikes. Liz W. spoke to a local scrap yard and alerted them to be on the look out for stolen bikes. They promised to help.

But we can’t depend on Mario, Dan, or any one person. No one is on Facebook 24/7, so it may take a few hours to get your notice on some forums. The best idea is that we all post these notices as soon as we see them. Then we all share like mad. The word will spread much faster that way.

Don’t worry about filling Facebook with bike reports. Myself, I’d rather see bike notices than cat videos any day.

PS: Get a great lock and register your bike! Please see Mike Baker’s registration column and PLEASE stop by one of the monthly La Crosse Bike Registration events co-hosted by the BBBB and the DRBC. On April 24th we’ll be at the Earth Fair and on May 22nd, we’ll be at Spring Into Summer at Weigent Park.

PPS: If you find a bike, do all of the above steps. You’ll be spreading great news.

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