I’m thinking of a word…no…thinking on a word. Better. It is a favorite word that makes me smile. Upon reflection, there are some memories which make me wince. Hmmm. Ouch, ouch…uff da!

You guessed it. Bike.

Such a simple word. 4 letters. Easy to pronounce using the first sounds we learn as children.


As stolen from the dictionary:

Pronounced [bahyk]
a bicycle.
a motorbike.
a motorcycle.
verb (used without object), biked, biking.
to ride a bike:
I bike to work.
get off one’s bike, Australian Informal. to lose control of oneself or become angry.

The Aussies would come up with a funny way to use it…

As an informal word describing a couple types of vehicles, many times I find myself having to reword a sentence even though the first original use is right there in the definition. Ya, First World problems… I guess our lazy population goes for the motorized transport first.

The problem probably stems from it being an informal word. Bike-Bicycle. Bicycle is a long complicated word. No wonder we made a nickname for it.

I have a motorcycle. Sometimes ya just need to get from point A to point B faster. Actually I have a dual sport motorcycle that I have enjoyed ‘souping up’ and love riding out in the dirt. I call it biking or taking the bike, but among those who know me, I’ll try to call it ‘the moto’ just to try to keep from the inevitable rewording of the last sentence which will be done anyway.

For the rest of the post, I am referring to the Informal a. meaning of bike.

I do ride my bike, everywhere, everyday. Ok, some days are couch days when I don’t even open the door to the outside world. When I go though, it’s on a bike. The days when I’m stuck in the box on wheels, yuck. Boring. Ugh! *******

Riding a bike to work is much different than riding a bike for errands or fun. It is more dangerous. The complacency of the morning commute is a big factor. Same time, same route, heading to something which requires payment to be done. Add the stress of operating a box on wheels among fellow commuters…Danger!

For me, I wear a helmet and reflective gear, turn the lights on, stay off main roads and keep an eye on the vehicles around me.

Riding a bike for errands can be a challenge. How do you haul things on a bike? Mostly, use a backpack, racks, baskets and bungee cords. Many errands don’t require hauling.

Riding a bike for fun. Riding a bike is fun! Going out to eat, drink or to see someone/something, much better by bike. Generally I don’t wear the commuter gear. Mostly regular clothes. All my jeans have oil stains on the inner right cuff. Layers if needed. Hat, shorts and Chacos in the summer.

I’ll finish with that last bit before I ‘get off one’s bike’ or as I like to word it ‘get on my soap box’.

Michael Baker, Vice President DRBC

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