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In November we asked you to give us your input and take a little survey. The survey was designed to give the board input from our members and friends on the direction of the DRBC. The results of the member and friends survey were then used at the board planning retreat in December. We thought we should share the organizational goals the board has set for 2011 and the results of the survey with you here. As you can see the 2011 goals match well with the input we received from the survey. More information will be forth coming on some of the goals.

2011 DRBC Goals

  1. 5 or more new members in each of the out lying communities
    1. Viroqua/Westby
    2. La Crescent
    3. Holmen
    4. Sparta
    5. West Salem
    6. Trempeleau/Fountain City
  1. 2 new businesses in each community participating in the BBP
    (focus on bike shops)
  2. Grow general membership to 200
  3. Launch Bike Buddy Program by May 1
  4. Bike to Work Week
    1. Double participation
    2. Hold events in Viroqua/Westby & La Crescent
  5. 3 bike valet bike parking events
    1. Riverfest
    2. Irish fest?
    3. Beer & Cheese?
  6. Have a 5 or more LCI’s
  7. Have Complete Streets passed in 4 communities
  8. Hold 3 S240’s
  9. Community neighborhood rides for families & kids once a month
    Starting in La Crosse and other communities as able
  10. Have on street bike racks in stalled in La Crosse Downtown
  11. Have corporate sponsorship program active
  12. Add/help one or more business become a Bicycle friendly Business
  13. Continue and expand bike rides

Response Summary

  1. What do you think the DRBC’s primary focus should be in 2011?
    1. Bicycling Advocacy 76.0%
    2. Bicycle Education 12.0%
    3. Bicycling Events 6.0%
    4. Bicycle Rides 6.0%
    5. Other (please specify)
  2. What should we focus on in advocacy? (may select more than one)
    1. Complete Streets55.3%
    2. Implementing & pushing for regional and community level bike plans 55.3%
    3. Quick turn around projects like painting road stripes 59.6%
  3. What should we focus on in education? (may select more than one)
    1. Bike Rodeos16.7%
    2. Adult Education    29.2%
    3. Getting more members certified as bicycling instructors 8.3%
    4. Safety/Share the Road Campaigns 79.2%
    5. Driver Awareness Campaigns 56.3%
  4. What should we focus on in events? (may select more than one)
    1. Bike to work week 62.2%
    2. More education/workshops at annual meeting 17.8%
    3. More parties/social events (i.e. bike to movie nights) 44.4%
    4. More car free days 51.1%
  5. What should we focus on in rides? (may select more than one)
    1. Traditional Tours” of 30-100 miles with rest stops 46.5%
    2. Community/casual rides in communities 3-5 miles 65.1%
    3. Neighborhood/historical tours/rides 3-5miles 48.8%
    4. Overnight or longer regional tours 14.0%
  6. What activities would you be most likely to participate in? (may select more than one)
    1. A DRBC committee 35.7%
    2. Make phone calls or send emails    14.3%
    3. Attend public meetings on specific issues 61.9%
    4. Attend adult bicycle instruction 19.0%
    5. Become a certified bicycling instructor 21.4%
    6. Help at a bike rodeo 35.7%
    7. Host a house membership party 9.5%
    8. Help at a valet bike parking event 45.2%
    9. Help put on organized rides (man rest stops/SAG) 31.0%
  7. What is your primary type of cycling?
    1. Basic transportation/commuting 70.0%
    2. Road riding 44.0%
    3. Mountain biking 16.0%
    4. Trail/recreational riding 36.0%
  8. Are you a member of the DRBC?
    1. Yes 56.0%
    2. No 44.0%
  9. If you answered yes what would most likely make you stay a member? (may select more than one)
    1. More advocacy successes 81.0%
    2. More events 42.9%
    3. More organized rides 14.3%
    4. More bicycle related education opportunities for you personally 9.5%
  10. If you answered NO to #8 please tell us why you have not become a member of the DRBC. (may select more than one)
    1. Don’t live in the area 0.0%
    2. Cannot afford the membership dues 100.0%
    3. I don’t believe in what you are doing 0.0%
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