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Construction Ahead: Transportation Planning in 2015

Big changes are proposed for transportation in the La Crosse region this year, with high stakes for everyone, including cyclists and pedestrians. There's a limited window of opportunity for the public to be involved in the complicated plans; here is a bare-bones summary of many different issues with a few specific links, dates and events. But things are changing so…
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Please Volunteer for the Annual Bike Count Sept 20th 6am-6pm

The La Crosse County Health Department will be conducting an annual bike count Sept 20th 6:00am-6:00pm (2 hours time slots) at various locations.  If you would like to volunteer; 1.       follow one of the links below  2.       Insert your name and cell phone number in the time slot you would like to count.  - Corner of Nakomis and Clinton St.…
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