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Bicycles Are Traffic – Please Treat Them Like It

While plenty of articles can and will be written about drivers ignoring people on bicycles -- please give them 3 feet when passing -- I am going to point out another issue: drivers being too nice. Situation 1: I am on Oak Street heading north turning left (east) onto Third Street (the intersection near the south Kwik Trip in La…
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Spot’s Parking Lot

Guest post by Brown, La Crosse resident and author of "Spot's Parking Lot" I have great admiration for the determined and courageous individuals who make their commutes and other trips by bike in all types of weather (like Mike) and on all types of roads (where legal, at least). I'm afraid, though, that I fall into more of the fair-weather,…
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Why, as a motorist, I want more people to ride bikes.

If someone is on a bike, they are not in a car adding to the traffic around me. Bikes don't use parking lots, more parking stalls available for me to park my car. Less demand for gas allows prices to come down. Bikes don't cause as much wear and tear on the roads making them last longer. Bike lanes and…
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