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Hauling Couch

8ft couch with kickouts. I took the challenge of moving a couch, by bicycle. It started with my wife’s desire for a new couch, ours was getting pretty, well, not pretty. It was about 10 years old and it was time. She picked one out this winter and we ended up making room in a corner to store the old…
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Moving a House(hold) on a Bicycle

Hauling couch I watched this video showing someone being moved, from one residence to using bicycles. Think about that. Hauling all your stuff from your house, across town, to another house. Seemed impossible, even watching the video. I still had a hard time believing it worked. They hauled boxes and beds and couches and tables and lazyboy chairs. Everything by…
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Des Moines, Iowa. A Pleasant Suprise

I recently spent the weekend in Des Moines, IA. I took my mother for a marble convention/show and decided to look into the local bike scene. I found a well organized group (DMBC) which had put together a community bike shop (very professional looking) with store front, bike stands ect. They were closed when I had time to ride over…
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