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DRBC 2017 Annual Meeting

December 13, 2017 at King Street Kitchen Members present: Chuck, Kris, Brian, Andy (and later Dan) Check called the meeting to order. We discussed which board members were up for election. Due to a mistake in my reminder, Dan wasn’t going to show up until later so we decided to wait for him. Meeting suspended at 6:10, and restarted at…
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DRBC October 2017 Meeting minutes

DRBC October 2017 meeting minutes Members present: Chuck, Michael, Dan, Brian, Andy Guests: Aaron Meeting called to order at 6:08 Secretary's report: There is a clarification from the September meeting. When we were talking about protected bike lanes for next year we were thinking of real PBLs (that is, on streets with car traffic) Chuck moved and Dan seconded to…
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August 2017 meeting minutes

August 2017 Meeting minutes Members present: Chuck, Kris, Michael, Brian, Andy, Dan Meeting called to order at 6:07 Secretary’s report Kris moved we accept Dan 2nded all voted in favor Treasurer’s report: We discussed board membership Bike racks: Give location contact info to Michael, he will take care of it Basecamp: We haven’t used in a while. Check moved we…
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