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September 2017 Meeting Minutes

DRBC September 6, 2017 Meeting minutes Members Present: Chuck, Dan, Brian, Kris, Andy Meeting called to order by Chuck at 6:03 Treasurer’s Report: $ Bike Racks: Not Installed Yet. Paul would appreciate not having them in his shop. Andy will pick them up and store them in the DRBC locker if there is room, otherwise in his garage Raffle License:…
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DRBC July 2017 Meeting Minutes

DRBC July 2017 Minutes July 12, 2017 King Street Kitchen Members present: Michael, Brian, Kris, Chuck Meeting called to order at 6:30 The previous meeting minutes were approved. Old business: Discussed bike staples. Decided not to delay any longer and decide where to put them. We decided on: Full Circle River City Hobbies Three Rivers Martial Arts North Side Library…
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DRBC February 2017 Meeting Minutes

DRBC February 2017 Meeting minutes – Feb 1, 2017 at Fat Sam’s Board members present: Brian, Dan, Andy, Kris, Mike Others present: Matthew Christen Called to order at 6:15 PM Secretary’s report: No January meeting. December minutes approved Treasurer’s report: We closed the Associated Bank Accounts and have everything at Altra. Currently we have $5, not including segregated funds. Zagster:…
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Bicycles Are Traffic – Please Treat Them Like It

While plenty of articles can and will be written about drivers ignoring people on bicycles -- please give them 3 feet when passing -- I am going to point out another issue: drivers being too nice. Situation 1: I am on Oak Street heading north turning left (east) onto Third Street (the intersection near the south Kwik Trip in La…
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